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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  June 26, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. tonya francisco is live with the top story ... malign this fire is still being called under investigation but a police source tells me there is one person of interest being questioned right now ... this is
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at the corner of 82nd street ... the residents of this building have been allowed to go and to collect belongings ... the red cross is offering assistance ... to help with accommodations ... the fire broke out on 82nd street early this morning ... it is believed it began in a stairwell and quickly spread throughout the building ... by the time the fire department arrived flames were shooting through the roof ... several people were hanging out windows ... the fire department said rescued at least three people four people were injured one seriously the other
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three are in fair to good condition this morning the fire once again was put out after a couple of hours right now we're in to the clean-up phase right here on 82nd and evans when person of interest is being questioned as the investigation continues ... from chatham tonya francisco for wgn news >>a small plane has crashed near rockford killing one person the plane plunged into a cornfield about five to 8 mi. south of rockford at around 8:00 this morning officials said the pilot reported that plane was on fire moments before it went down it was on its way to the chicago rockford airport from detailed the name of the deceased pilot has not yet been released investigation is under way
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>>the city is more dangerous for chicago public school students in a report from chicago police shows that in years to increase in gun violence against cps students today members of the handle with community are introducing new programs to keep kids engaged through the summer amy rutledge has that story ... it's been launched in conjunction with the after- school matters program and to others ... it cost i mean an increase in violence among students harper high school and englewood.neighborhood is being targeted for the program the school has been affected by gun violence with three students killed there this year ... students are beginning summer jobs like training dogs for a therapy ... >>if you are hungry how do you
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behave, if you have been up all night and teased and frustrated at school all year how would you be a if ... when the dog is teased behind that fence how would he the eighth ... >>they asked us to give them positive activities that they can engage in and they would make sure there would stay away from the negative activities ... according to the chicago tribune gun violence is up against the data and chicago public schools ... this is the largest concentrated cps program this summer and if it works it will be tried in other schools next year ... >>another hot button issue much, the public schools is bullying it propose student code of
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conduct would require bullying to be addressed immediately after it has been reported allegations would need to be investigated within 10 days if students would be allowed to report bullying anonymously and principals would have to keep working with all parties until the situation gets resolved if the school board will vote on that proposal tamara >>jesse jackson jr. has taken a leave of absence from congress his office just issued a statement yesterday saying that he is being treated for exhaustion and is asking for privacy is leave of absence began june 10th but his offices remain open to serve residents of the second district an unnamed friend tells the sun- times that jesse jackson jr. has been under a lot of pressure to save his marriage his friend had been arrested last week on federal fraud charges he remains under house investigation over whether he had batman offer former gov. rod blagojevich campaign money in exchange for
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president obama's old senate seat jackson denies any wrongdoing ... the cook county of export disorder county assessor joe various to fire to relatives the move comes after wgn report looking into the matter more than one year ago shortly after he took office in 2010 he put his sister and his son on the payroll the sisters page one under $7,000 a year and the sun gets 69,000 the ethics board found that both hirings violate county ethics ordinance which pro hot inhibits the hiring of relatives the ethics assessor claims that the board has no jurisdiction over about office ... to a new ordinance could make it easier for food trucks to do business here in chicago for the proposed measure would create truck stand zones for food trucks to park for up to two
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hours benders' would be able to operate from parking spaces on private property if they have permission those trucks would be required to carry gps devices and park 200 ft. away from restaurants now food trucks could only sell prepackaged food prepared in a licensed kitchen the proposed ordinance would allow cooks prepare fresh milk from those trucks the ordinance will be introduced to the city council tomorrow coming up next the supreme court decision and a nato update and florida's major weather we will be right
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the obama administration warns it won't tolerate any discrimination in the enforcement of arizona's immigration law.. now that a key provision of the law has been upheld. the u.s. supreme court ruled arizona may require police officers to ask for proof of legal status of people they stop for other reasons.. if the officers have reasonable suspicion they're in the country illegally. some police chiefs say it could lead to lawsuits and distract officers from other more vital duties. and critics of the law say the new police authority could lead to racial profiling. but arizona governor jan brewer insists civil rights will be protected. >>racial profiling will not be
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tolerated. we are equally committed to upholding the law while insuring the constitutional rights of all citizens in arizona is protected ... the supreme court also ruled that people cannot be held for extended periods for not having proper immigration papers. nato is condemning syria's shooting down of a turkish military plane. syria shot down the f-4 recxonnaissance plane as it flew over syrian waters close to the coast last friday. turkey calls it an act of aggression, while syria says it was self-defense. speaking today at an emergency meeeting of nato ambassadors.. nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen condemned the shooting as unacceptable. but he stopped short of threatening any military response. syria has warned turkey and nato against retaliation. >>in a shootout erupted between federal agents and drug suspects
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at the mexico city airport leaving three agents dead the agents approached to police officers they suspected of drug trafficking and gun fire suddenly erupted two agents were killed at the terminal was the third one died at a hospital if the suspects are still on the loose their belief to be part of larger group of officials involved in a cocaine ring ..._ thousands of people are displaced as wildfires blaze through forests near colorado springs. nearly 5,000 people were kept out of their homes last night as the wildfire expanded near some of colorado's most visited tourist sites. a mushroom cloud of smoke hovered over colorado springs near the foot of pikes peak. since it sparked saturday, the blaze has scorched about 4,000 acres. another fire in high park has destroyed more than 80,000 acres so far. firefighters are blaming high temperatures and heavy winds for the state's worst wildfire seasone in the past decade. tropical storm debby is threatening florida with more floods and tornadoes. the storm is moving slowly and
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has already led to tornadoes and dumped a foot of rain on some areas. floods have led to evacuations and road closures. one woman was killed while trying to save her 3 year-old daughter during a twister. debby is predicted to reach the northern florida gulf coast later this week -- possibly bringing more tornadoes and up to twelve more inches of rain. >>more than 10 years after the september 11th attacks the final beam is lifted into place on the new world trade center. that's skyscraper will open at the site where the twin towers once stood. more than 1000 construction workers watched yesterday as the beam was lifted into place some of those workers assigned to the beam and the united states flag was attached as it headed for the top of that building the skyscraper opens next year ...
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and later in lunchbreak, we are heading outside for some advice from a pitmaster on making tasty barbeque. making tasty barbeque. sfilodour
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your next trip could cost you more if you book on orbits with your macintosh computer ... it has been keeping data of mac vs. windows users the mac users tend to be look bigger spenders ... women have long held powerful executive roles at facebook but
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the executives there have been under increasing pressure to diversify its all male board of directors ... prices on average of homes are down in chicago five and half percent ... some for profit colleges training security guards and medical assistance and law officers may be losing federal money ... they leave students with too much debt to pay ... the above administration is looking to protect taxpayers from loan defaults and stock students taking on debt for decrees that get the jobs that do not pay with high income ...
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the markets are responding to the european debt crisis for another day ... >>everyone needs to feel appreciated on a regular basis but what if you are addicted to the approval of the others ... here to explain is jennifer weigel of "true view" ..trib-u >>there are some people who take this to an extreme off the charts when the experts we interviewed said that facebook users often check facebook before their morning constitutional because they're eager to see how people are responding to them and how they're being perceived it disrupts their entire day ...
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another expert says that the three basic human needs we have are to be loved it to be understood and to be affirmed ... >>we all like a pat on the back but in our business you're only as good as your last story and once you learn that it's impossible to be perfect every day ... >>and the bigger picture is to find real human connections ... we have tips for anyone out there experiencing difficulty ... >>the first step is to develop real tangible friendships not with relatives and not online ... distinguish the difference between fact and feeling and let
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go of technology in your human relations and a bit more ... watch out for the excessive texting ... >>so you say it once you see that you are doing too much of this behavior in yourself you should seek professional counseling and you need to rein in the the addiction to communication devices ... and don't blame others for your need to seek approval when it comes right down to it you are the ones standing on your own behavior ...
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>>getting complement's should not be your driving ambition. >>good advice think you jennifer ... for more information you can go to chicago coming up the first lady takes on a popular fruit juice in her war on obesity that story is next and later in sports if the next and later in sports if the chicago cubs
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who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. precious jewelry that once belonged to a mob hitman, can now belong to you. frank calabrese senior kept the cache of expensive diamonds, watches, rings, necklaces and gold coins, hidden in a wall behind a family photo at his home in oak brook. federal agents raided the home two years ago, and found the hidden treasure. calabrese is in prison for life, for 13 mob murders. a texas auction house will sell his jewelry online, starting july 10-th, at "t-x- auction-dot-com." tx the grand marshal of this year's bud billiken parade: our commander-in-chief... president obama.
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the sun-times says the president will lead the annual event. the bud billiken "back to school" parade and picnic will be held on august 11th. the theme: "education: built to last, a tribute to president barack obama." this will be the event's 83rd year. michelle obama is in town today.. to attend a pair of campaign fundraisers. the first lady will eat lunch with dolton native, jane lynch, who stars in the t-v show "glee." mrs. obama is also scheduled to appear with governor quinn, when he signs a bill to help military spouses and veterans obtain professional licenses. vice president joe biden was in town yesterday to attend a private fundraising dinner for president obama's re-election bid. there's no love between the cranberry industry and the first lady. michelle obama's "let's move" initiative is leading to stricter guidelines for school vending machines. that could soon signal an end to cranberry juice cocktails in cafeterias. while the juice is made with real fruit, it's also loaded with sugar. that's because cranberries are incredibly tart and bitter; so they can't be eaten without a sweetner of some kind. the cranberry industry is concerned that cranberry juice,
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despite its health benefits, will now be associated with other sugary soft drinks. if you suspect your teenage children are up to no good on the internet, you're probably right. a new study says 70 percent of teens hide their online activities from their parents. 42-percent checked out violent content... around 30 percent watched pornography... and about 10 percent hacked into social networks or email accounts. the study says people hide their behavior by clearing their browsing history. our big warm up is well underway. tom skilling is next with details.
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>>is getting hotter ... >>it's okay now tomorrow afternoon will be warm and by thursday we may reach 100 degrees something we have not done in seven years ... it's extraordinary it has been that long we do not have many of those ... it takes a perfect set of conditions to develop it ... there has been an uptick in the model forecast for the rain fall ... not everyone will get all the rain they want ... but there's a chance for thunderstorms and a couple of weather systems in the coming week ... >>lookit how beautiful it is today no haze on the horizon that's pretty nice ... we are very dry and that's the reason.
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>>we need about 1 in. per week to stay at par with all of the evaporation with the warming weather ... it is the driest at midway airport with the records have been kept there for decades ... here are other rainfall cumulations around the chicago hippolyta and area metro area:'. there is a warm air domes setting records across the western states ... it's heading our way. kansas reached 111 degrees yesterday and that's not
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counting in the heat index ... the temperature yesterday in denver colorado was 105 degrees it is a tie for the highest ever temperature record their ... we're it's 79 degrees at 6 degrees warmer than it was yesterday ... we will see these temperatures increasing in the coming days ... we are pushing 80 degrees right now wind is traveling from the southwest ... humidity is 30% the water temperature in lake michigan ... 64 degrees ... the dermatologist says that 17- 42 minutes on sunburn * at 1:00
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p.m. and 4:00 p.m. respectively the pollen counts arm lowe relatively speaking florida has been getting bombarded with that tropical storm ... toronto downpourtorres ... let's look at some of the totals: 30 in. in some places ... those heavy rains have extended to tampa st. petersburg this past weekend and thunderstorms are crossing over the state going into a tornado watch ... heavy rains from
12:33 pm
jacksonville to st. simons island and eastward an amazing situation there ... we will be in the '80s to date into the '90s tamartomorrow ...d we will have twice the normal moisture over the next several days ... this is all because of that hot air dome and we will see the thunderstorms erupting in our direction ... and we're looking at triple digit heat index for tamartomorrow 113 degs
12:34 pm
with the heat factor ... much better friday temperature readings will be back into the '90s ... flood advisories and small craft advisory is in florida red flag warnings for wild fires and heat and montana expect hundred degree temperatures here thursday... we could see some thunderstorms across the area we will have more on the update before the end of the broadcast ...
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the high temperature 86 degrees this afternoon tonight scattered clouds low humidity temperatures will go down to 61 degrees ... mostly sunny and windy tomorrow 95 degrees the high-temperature ... thursday overcast conditions intensely hot and humid possible late day thunderstorms ... you will be encouraged by the forecast for some rain >>are we still the second driest?
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>>we have had an amazing number we should be in the 60th percentile ... time for today's trivia: who is known as the 'father of botany' -- which is the study of plants?
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an intense burning sensation like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story, visit
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time for sports: cubs fans finally get their wish. the team's top prospect got called up to the majors to start at first base. you can see anthony rizzo's wrigley field debut tonight on wciu. cubs' management waited until now, so rizzou could play a full 162 games in triple-a. he's batting .345 with 23 home runs and 62 rbi in the minors this season. bryan lahair moves to right field, while rizzo will play everyday and bat third or fourth. >>he has to understand he is not the savior of the offense right now he needs to be careful he comes up here to save a struggling offense he cannot do that with one swing of a bad it would be great if he could but ... the cubs started a home-stand against the mets last night. there's no score in the fourth inning, when joe mather hit his fourth home run of the year, to put the cubs ahead 2-0. in the seventh, the mets committed two costly errors... they dropped a blooper from
12:40 pm
darwin barney to allow another run to score. the cubs won 6-1. travis wood pitched seven shut- out innings for his second win of the season. randy wells pitches tonight. kevin youkilis debuted for the white sox last night. the minnesota twins led two- nothing in the second, when jamie carroll singled in another run... jake peavy allowed three earned runs. in the eighth... youkilis singled for his first hit with the team... he went 1 for 4 on the day. sox lost 4-1, but the indians also lost, so they're still in first place. gavin floyd takes the mound tonight. your live illinois lottery drawing in his nexts next.
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in medical watch.. a government-backed panel says doctors should screen patients for obesity. new guidelines from the u.s. preventive services task force say doctors should check weight and height for all patients to determine if they're obese.. and refer them to intensive diet and exercise programs if necessary. losing even five percent of body weight can have health benefits.. such as lowering blood pressure and diabetes risk. evidence shows intensive behavioral programs with at least 12 sessions typically help people lose between nine and 15 pounds. 40 million americans age 12 and older suffer from addiction and another 80 million use tobacco, alcohol and other drugs in ways that threaten health and safety. but a new report reveals only about one in ten people who need addiction treatment receive it. the report by the national center on addiction and substance abuse also says addiction and risky substance use constitute the largest preventable and most costly health problems.
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they're responsible for more than 20 percent of deaths in the u-s.. causing or contributing to more than 70 other conditions requiring medical care. walgreens will be offering free, private h-i-v testing in select locations in chicago and two other cities. specially trained pharmacists and nurse practitioners will privately counsel peiople who test positive.. and refer them for follow-up care with local health care and social services providers. it's part of a two-year pilot program with the centers for disease control and prevention aimed at helping more people with h-i-v connect with care and resources. and walgreens will open a new 25,000 square foot store in the tribune tower on michigan avenue. it will be similar to the upscale flagship store opened early this year on state street. the trib tower store is scheduled to open next summer. the new silverback gorilla at the brookfield zoo named "jo- jo"... finds his mo-jo. the 32 year-old gorilla was taken there about a month ago from the lincoln park zoo... as part of a breeding program.
12:47 pm
the zoo says he hasn't wasted anytime getting to know the lady gorillas. it says they are showing a lot of interest in each other. the zoo is hoping the females will become pregnant soon. >>joe has been very busy and we are optimistic when we take those females off of birth control there should not be any problems getting the breeding program under way before the next year hopefully we will have some babies in the group ... this breeding program is really important for the critically endangered western lowland gorilla species. "jo-jo" is one of the most genetically valuable males in the zoo population. >>take one look at him ... what a stud! lunchbreak is next. we are learning the secret to slow and low bbq.
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it's time for a lunchbreak... gary wiviott is pitmaster of barn & company in chicago, as well as the author of "low and slow: master the art of barbecue in 5 easy lessons." and he is here to impart some of this mastery of bbq onto us. welcome. can you give us all of your wisdom in just three minutes ... i understand that you are a barbeque life coach ... >>i am the mantra is to slow down interior self insure barbec come to our place set
12:51 pm
on the patio have a drink and have some good food ... >>and other words, in jury life ... enjoy life.. >>we brine the chicken we smoke it and finish it on the grill to crisp the scan ... we crack the leg and when the fight to let the heat in faster so the chicken will cook evenly ... >>let's go to a grinding process used focus in water and put it in the refrigerator ... >>we use barbecue of brown suga rub, brown sugar spices and
12:52 pm
salt in the brine and we soak cvernight, rinse, put the rub on this and put it in the smoker and then the live fire argentian grill to crisp the skin and go the extra step... see how the chicken sits high on the breast, we broke the legs
12:53 pm
and thighs to cook more evenly for a jucier chicken... we carmelize the chicken with the sau itce after the grilling... >>i'm going to taste this ... look at this it is so juicy ... i did realize it would look so good ... >>what is your preference
12:54 pm
>>i like the white meat pressed ... it has a great crispy top and it's delicious and tender on the inside if i am ordering this at the restaurant what are the side dishes >>french fries and a coleslaw i forgot to bring the coleslaw but does come to the restaurant ... and that is your homemade recipe ... it all looks so good with that special sauce ... >>i also want to mention that we're having a series of class'es..
12:55 pm
barn and company is located at 950 w. wrightwood in chicago. the pitmaster hosts a cooking class every month during the summer. and to find out more about those classes or to watch this segment again.. log on to it's juicy and it's fabulous thank you for being here >>it was my pleasure thank-you control your sleep apnea, liberty medical has important news for you. neglecting to change your mask, cushion, and filters every 3 to 6 months reduces their safety and effectiveness due to stretching and wear. call a caring liberty cpap customer specialist now for a free evaluation. they'll help you choose the right equipment for your needs and determine if you qualify to receive them at little or no cost to you. plus, liberty provides convenient free shipping right to your door and now liberty offers state-of-the-art cpap products from leading manufacturers: resmed, respironics,
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and now the answer for today's trivia question: who is known as the 'father of botany' -- which is the study of plants? a.) aristotle. b.) augustine. c.) plato. the answer: aristotle. happy tuesday. sunshine out their lovely and warm not uncomfortable yet ... triple digit temperatures are already showing up out in the plains states and they're heading this way ... here's the forecast for tomorrow: southwest wind
12:58 pm
warming ... '80s followed by nine daythe lake breeze developn the shoreline and then the jet stream will lay out west to east through northern iowa and northern illinois and indiana and that's the corridor with a maximum moisture alignment ... this may inhibit the rain formation but they will bring scattered showers flaring we could get some much-needed rain ... it will not affect everyone equally but we will take what we can get ... there are flood
12:59 pm
advisories on the man appeared in florida and small craft advisories for that tropical storm there ... there are wind advisories as well and red flag warnings out to the west near montana ... and there are flood watches way out there as well ... 83 degrees tomorrow here in chicago but that's for today 91 degrees here in chicago tamartow ... and watch for blazing heat by thursday ... 101 degrees 92 degrees by the weekend a warm pattern ... thank you tom s


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